The staff of Dromleigh N.S. at all times work to assist our pupils to develop skills for life and to foster a love of learning.

Class teachers engage with a range of activities and materials to ensure lessons are engaging, interactive and meaningful for students. Pupil progress is monitored regularly and extra supports and aids are utilised to reinforce learning when necessary.

The school also has a hard-working support team with Special Education Teachers and a Special Needs Assistant to assist in teaching and learning within the school. Staff consult with parents regularly to develop targets for pupils which range from literacy and numeracy work to a focus on fine motor skills, gross motor skills and speech and language work.

Supports are delivered in dynamic ways from one to one tutoring, pair and small group activities to whole class/school intervention through our Buddy Reading literacy programme, which has proven very effective in meeting the varying needs of all students. Education staff are also trained Friends for Life facilitators and students have benefitted from the wellbeing and resilience programme over a number of years.

Dromleigh N.S. has a close working relationship with a number of local services including Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Public Health, Physiotherapy as well as the National Educational Psychological Service to ensure students have access to a wide variety of programmes and plans to complement the development of skills, within the school.